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Secure Authentication and Authorization: A Gateway to Selling to the Enterprise
Posted by Erik Gustavson on Nov 16, 2016

base-devices@2x-2.pngIn today’s world of fast-paced app development, growing business-to-business (B2B) application services are looking to quickly add midmarket and enterprise clients to their customer base. While these potential enterprise customers seek to adopt SaaS tools to increase productivity, trust in app security is a prerequisite. Success in the crowded B2B app marketplace has been shown to rely heavily on a given app’s ability to establish secure connections to existing identity providers. For this reason alone, CTOs are willing to invest highly valuable time and development resources in building out authentication and authorization capabilities, pulling technical focus away from core app functionality.

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The 3-Step Antidote to Security Fatigue
Posted by Amanda Bretz on Nov 2, 2016

security fatigue.jpgLast month NIST released a study warning of widespread security fatigue as end users report feeling defenseless against malicious attacks. Survey respondents displayed a general frustration and weariness around online account security. As a result, many have taken the stance of merely hoping that they’re not a high-value target instead of taking steps to fortify their defenses.

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Focusing on the Journey, Not the Destination: Maximizing Existing Security Investments
Posted by Conrad Smith on Oct 27, 2016

journey.jpegA well functioning and capable security program requires a blend of tools and solutions. Organizations typically make purchases based upon their immediate needs (or maybe those they had 12 months ago when the thought first crossed someone’s mind), and then hopefully implement said purchases. Buying and implementing though is just a portion of the lifecycle of those tools. What’s often forgotten along with things like daily care and feeding, is to periodically reassess that investment.

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The Cow and The Ditch: What To Do After A Data Breach
Posted by Conrad Smith on Oct 26, 2016

planning.jpgWhile the proper thing is to focus on avoiding data breaches and security incidents before they even happen, unfortunately they still do. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there have been nearly 800 data breaches over the course of the year so far with nearly 30 million records exposed. Many of these were the result of basic employee error, but some have been much more sophisticated. While you might not anticipate a breach, you should at least plan for one.

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Passwords. The Pros, The Cons, The Alternatives.
Posted by Conrad Smith on Oct 20, 2016

Password SecurityEnter your username and password. The format has been around for ages, and is so commonplace now that password fatigue is a real thing. The end result is that the same username and password combination -- maybe variations on the same theme because that seemed enough at the time -- are repeated and propagated across different sites and applications for years. The risk associated with sticking to that habit has grown immensely with the ever-increasing number of data breaches and now, more than ever, the approach to passwords has to change.

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Creating A Security Hygiene Checklist
Posted by Conrad Smith on Oct 18, 2016


In my previous post, I briefly mentioned the importance of having good security hygiene. But what does that really mean?

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Make Every Month National Cyber Security Awareness Month
Posted by Conrad Smith on Oct 12, 2016


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It's the Opportunity End-of-Year Presents
Posted by Amanda Bretz on Sep 29, 2016


September 30th marks the end of the U.S. government’s fiscal year. No, it’s not a holiday or generally-recognized cause for celebration, but I’d like to offer an exciting twist: end-of-year is the perfect time to make sure you’re getting the most out of your cloud investment.

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On the Eve of System Administrator Day
Posted by Amanda Bretz on Jul 28, 2016

city_scape_2.pngSystem Administration is a juggling act. Influxes of new hires, the trickle of departing team members, and a constantly fluctuating security landscape add endless complexity to a sysadmin’s daily workload. Each day is not like the last with surprises around every turn.

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The Modern Office: How Google Apps Solves The IT Identity Crisis
Posted by Garrett Brown on Oct 1, 2015


Bitium + JumpCloud

We were pleased to contribute to a new eBook that our friends and partners at JumpCloud published earlier this week. The Modern Office: How Google Apps Solves the IT Identity Crisis is designed to help the more than 5 million cloud-forward businesses that use Google Apps for Work to run their businesses, but may still be using on-premise solutions to manage their directory services.

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