Is IT in the Dark About Cloud Usage?

The growing number of cloud based applications used by employees is giving ITdepartments a headache.  With employees adopting a range of cloud based tools to assist in their day to day jobs, IT professionals can’t keep up with the number of cloud apps in their system and face a growing security challenge. In industries where collaboration is key, how does a business stay safe? 

There are countless apps available to help you stay better organized and hence be more efficient in your work.
— Idiva, How to Use Mobile Apps to Increase Efficiency

Efficient Worker, Inefficient Enterprise.

Allowing individual employees to use whatever apps they want creates huge challenges for IT departments, who aim to provide organizational guidelines and infrastructure for supporting the myriad apps that employees use.   A new report highlights and categorizes the most popular cloud apps used in the enterprise.  Employees are finding solutions in the cloud for marketing, HR, storage, CRM/SFA, and collaboration.  The typical enterprise uses 397 apps and many of these are not enterprise-ready, exacerbating the challenge of IT departments.  Additionally, IT is also not aware of the full extent of cloud app usage in their organizations. 


On average IT professionals underestimated cloud app use in their organizations by 10X, with the typical enterprise using 397 apps.

Users Feel the Pain Too

Think about the number of apps that you use on a daily basis: along with personal apps like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you might also have access to your department’s shared Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Yammer, or Salesforce accounts. When you first joined your company, how long did it take you to gain access to all these programs? How many passwords do you have to use every day? Do you find that you’re spending lots of time uploading, sharing and downloading things? Isn’t there a better way?

Solution: The SaaS Operating System

Bitium was created to help IT managers and users harness the benefits of the cloud while reducing operational risks and headaches. With Bitium, users have the freedom to access the apps that help them do their jobs and manage their lives, all from a single sign-on platform. IT managers can easily grant user groups access to a set of apps, track business app usage, and gain key insights into which programs are business-critical. With hundreds of integrated apps and counting, Bitium aims to be the leading SaaS operating system. Learn more about their product and pricing, and how they can help your organization come out of the dark and into the cloud.