What’s in your Digital-Marketing Cocktail?


Companies are using a blend of email, social, and referral based tactics to reach new markets and acquire customers. In a research survey conducted by GigaOM, almost 60% of companies plan to increase spend for digital marketing in 2014 and the availability of these marketing platforms are growing at a staggering rate. Marketing departments are increasing their “marketing cloud” and suite of products, making it harder for IT management to oversee usage.

Where marketing directors were once like bartenders, they are increasingly becoming mixologists.  The ingredients that make up the marketing plan are larger in quantity and more complex.  For a successful mixologist to manage a bar-back, he or she needs a clean and organized workstation, just like the modern marketing manager.  

At Bitium we’re helping IT managers and marketing departments work together to organize access to mission critical applications from one central location. With Bitium you’re able to:

  • Gain visibility into the applications used by your employees
  • Share access to applications without sharing credentials
  • Group applications based on departments to easily deploy access to specific employees

Whether you are a heavy social media user, with little use of email automation tools, or you enjoy an even blend of both, Bitium makes it easy to create the perfect cocktail of applications and monitor who is accessing them within your company.