What are the Top IT Priorities for 2015?


It’s that time of the year when IT leaders start budget planning and mapping out their 2015 strategy.  As reported in CEB’s 2015 IT budget and benchmark survey, IT budgets are set to increase by 3.3 percent, the biggest jump since 2008.  So, how are your peers prioritizing and allocating spending? Let’s take a look.

IT Priorities 2015

According to Computerworld’s latest survey of 194 IT executives, these were the top priority areas identified in the survey:

  • Security: While it’s no major surprise that security is at the top of the list, 46 percent of IT leaders said they will invest more next year in access control, intrusion prevention, identity management, virus, and malware protection.
  • Cloud Computing:Cloud and SaaS adoption continues its ascension, as 40 percent of IT leaders said that their organizations will spend more on “software as a service (SaaS) and a mix of public, private, hybrid and community clouds in 2015.”
  • Business Analytics: 38 percent plan to focus more on “enterprise analytics, data, and business intelligence.”
  • Application Development: 38 percent plan to spend more on application development, which will include mobile app development.
  • Wireless and Mobile:35 percent intend to invest more in “mobile platforms, as well as Internet of Things projects, such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and remote access tools.” 

Another key takeaway from multiple surveys is that CIOs have made more room in their budgets by cutting legacy application costs, reducing IT inefficiencies, and centralizing IT functions. 

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