Build Customer Service into your Company's DNA

build great customer service

These days, great customer service is no longer a differentiator – it’s a minimum requirement for doing business.  As a start-up, it's crucial to build this into your company's DNA early.

Because of this, our team at Bitium is always looking for ways to give our customers service that is not just great, but also so unique and surprising that it literally becomes part of the value that Bitium brings to their workday.

Here are some ways we do this:

1. Proactive Outreach -

Bitium is set up to identify potential problems before they happen.  We have tools that regularly test app logins automatically, and we are notified whenever one of our users has an issue logging into one of their applications. 

If we ever notice a potential problem that might affect one of our users, a member of our team


reaches out to make sure everything is working as expected.

Usually, we have the issue resolved before our customer even realizes it exists.

If that’s not possible, this proactive outreach lets our customers know we are already working on their case, and gives them a direct line to someone on our team if they have any questions.

2. Customized Experience – No two customers are the same, and their reasons for adopting our product aren’t always the same either.Because of this, we work with our customers from Day one to ensure that their onboarding and training process is tailored to their unique needs and objectives.

This includes an initial “best-practices” consultation, handling of all initial setup of their users, apps, and groups, while also adding custom and private apps for their organization, setting up personalized training sessions for their admins and employees, and providing them with a unique plan (including rollout timelines and email templates) for driving user adoption.

During this process, which doesn’t have an expiration date, our customers know that they have access to members of our team who will get them what they need as quickly as possible.


Every employee is a "Customer Advocate" 

– Since every Bitium employee is a daily Bitium user, it means we're customers too!  We are our toughest critics and it gives our entire team, including our support team, a unique understanding of our product from our customers’ perspective.   

When a support request comes in, we put this understanding to work and our users know that we are moving things forward immediately with their best interests and objectives in mind.

They are always dealing with someone who is completely focused on getting them the answers or resolution they are looking for as fast as we possibly can.

It’s a great honor for us when a customer decides to spend a portion of their budget on Bitium (if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have our jobs!), and these practices are just some of the ways that we are constantly trying to make sure they are getting everything they expected and more from their experience.