The More You Know: 10 Things Possible With Bitium


As a cloud-forward company, we are constantly updating and iterating. Every week, there are new features added and tweaks made to Bitium in order make the experience even better for our customers. We thought we would share some of these latest and favorite features with you and your business so you can leverage Bitium to its fullest and be even more productive and protected.

#1: Securely share access to apps across organizations.

Does an agency manage your social media accounts? With Bitium, you can easily give your agency access to your Facebook or Twitter account, while maintaining your own password. Or maybe your team manages tools for your clients and you need a secure way to access them without exposing either party to additional risk. Either way, credentials can be requested from or granted to customers, contractors or partners with our cross-organization delegation feature, all while limiting password visibility to the appropriate credential owner.

#2: Track events with advanced reporting -- security people love this!

You may be familiar with Bitium's detailed event logs that surface useful information about security and access events to administrators, but did you know that hundreds of unique types of events across thousands of applications are being collected as you read this post?  These events, such as when apps enter your ecosystem or when validation of credentials fail, are logged to extend visibility into your team’s cloud access and operations. Every company’s app ecosystem is different and in constant flux, so gaining this level of visibility is critical to informing your cloud security strategy. Added bonus: this granular event log will help you tackle many of your compliance and auditing requirements with ease, is accessible through an API, and readily exportable.

#3: Automate password rotation on your schedule.

Mission critical applications require a host of security procedures to safeguard the business’ sensitive information; enable app-specific automatic password rotation to fortify your existing safeguards. When you schedule regular password rotations, credentials will be updated for each employee who has previously been granted access to the app without any interruption to their workday. Automatic password rotation allows for stronger, customized security without any additional friction as Bitium takes on the heavy lifting and provides your team with a seamless user experience.

#4: Extend management to non-app information with KeyVault.

We’re not just a single sign-on solution. We also understand that the proliferation of credential sets in the workplace goes beyond traditional username and password pairings to information like WiFi passwords, credit card information, API tokens and security codes. Managing these items in a secure way with KeyVault incorporates them into your centralized management system and extends visibility into the sharing of privileged information within your organization.

#5: Take ownership of credentials and never lose access to corporate data.

Configure Bitium to require visibility for all new credentials so that if need be, administrators can assume ownership of them to better secure and maintain access to your organization’s solution portfolio. As employees recognize the utility of securely storing credentials in Bitium, you can expect previously unknown and new apps to show up in your Bitium ecosystem, extending the effective reach of your security policies and practices. Then, when an employee leaves the organization, credentials can be retained and access to corporate data is secured.

#6: Create policies for in-office-only usage of specific apps.

Are you avoiding global IP whitelisting to accommodate a remote and mobile workforce? Manage app-specific IP policies to protect your organization’s mission critical tools without affecting login functionality across the board. For example, if banking or payroll apps with sensitive financial data should not be accessed outside of the office, set up an IP policy to require logins originating from the office’s IP address range and apply it only to the those apps.

#7: Make things personal with separate personal dashboards.

While we’re an enterprise-focused identity and access management service, your employees still need a place to securely store and access credential sets for their personal cloud apps, which is why we created Personal Dashboards. Individuals simply use a non-work email address to create their Personal Dashboard outside of their organization’s Bitium environment and manage their personal apps separately from work apps. If they leave the firm, they take their Personal Dashboard with them.

#8: Leverage multi-directory sync to accommodate your custom configuration.

Did you know that Bitium plays well with more than one directory at a time? Sync your AD and HR Management System (or any combination of directories you’d like) to Bitium and consolidate your company’s identities in the cloud. Complex AD configurations and multi-forest topologies are only part of the unique infrastructure setups we accommodate. Bitium’s solution is flexible and works with the way organizations operate today and as their needs evolve.

#9: Google or Microsoft? Pick whichever you want… We choose both.

No two companies are alike and we respect the in-depth evaluation processes that inform the buildout of your company’s library of applications.As a cloud-forward identity platform, we need to be agnostic to the decisions that companies make around their primary system of record for employees or the application suite that they choose. Google and Microsoft happen to be the two solutions that we integrate with the most. We love both solutions and think that our customers should decide what is best for them, so we support them equally.

#10: Make your requests -- we add preconfigured apps to our catalog every single day.

We currently have many thousands of cloud apps in our app catalog and that number grows every day. We constantly take our customers’ requests and feedback into account as we bring new apps on board. Also, if you have internal web-based apps, we can work with you to add those to the Bitium dashboard at no additional cost.

Do you have any favorites that we missed here? Share in the comments below or reach out to me directly. We’d love to hear from you!