Spring Cleaning Comes To The Office

It’s time to take advantage of the season and initiate some
Spring Cleaning activities! So many people associate the term with personal organization and decluttering, but when was the last time you and your team did Spring Cleaning within the organization to make you more productive?

With the proliferation of cloud apps in the workplace, your desk may look like it is clean and organized but where you truly work (your laptop and mobile devices) is where we need to take a deeper look and see how we can get better organized.

To kick start your efforts, we thought we’d share a few ideas on how you could make the most of Spring Cleaning:

  • Bucket apps and files into folders or groups on your desktop or home screen to help you find what you are looking for even faster. Don’t forget to use a password, multi-factor authentication and TouchID to help protect your devices from others.
  • Having multiple passwords for different apps is a pain, and often users set weak passwords that they use repeatedly across multiple applications. This reduces the organization’s security. Bitium’s identity and access management service allows organizations to set password requirements and grade the strength of passwords.
  • Get rid of the spreadsheets or Word documents containing passwords. It’s time to use Bitium to securely manage credentials within your team as well as non-password information such as company credit card number and Wi-Fi information. Employees don’t even need to see an actual password, just be granted access to any application.
  • Speaking of passwords, use your Spring Cleaning state of mind to reset and refresh all of your passwords. With Bitium, you can regularly reset passwords without disrupting employee productivity. Having a hard time figuring out a strong password? Use our Password generator!
  • Bitium believes in maintaining security all day, every day and this enables organizations to meet compliance needs. With Bitium, you can restrict access to apps based on business discipline, level in the organization and job role. Organizations can also easily  export security and access event logs to set the right policies and reduce vulnerability.  

Hope these are helpful ideas to get you started and on your way to a cleaner and more secure working environment!