No Two Identity Platforms Are Exactly Alike

Today is “Look Alike Day.” We have all learned through various experiences in life, that no two things are the same even if they look alike. Think identical twins with different personalities and interests, margarine and butter, Macs and PCs and identity platforms.


Things may look alike at first glance but once you look a little bit deeper, the differences start to stand out. Sometimes it is easier to identify those distinctions than others, but when it comes to protecting your identity and cloud app access, as well as those around you at work, don’t you think it’s important to really understand what you are using?

To help better clarify how Bitium differs from other identity platforms out there, we thought we’d highlight a few in honor of Look Alike Day.

Cloud-Forward Approach


While the cloud could be a great equalizer, not all companies will benefit from this transformation equally. Any company can subscribe to cloud-based services, turning itself into a “cloud first” operation. But the greatest value will go to “cloud-forward” companies – that is, those companies that adopt SaaS intelligently, from a user’s perspective, rather than from the more restrictive, top-down approach that many companies use instinctively.

We, at Bitium, adhere to and strongly support this cloud-forward movement, increasing productivity for the organization. We take a holistic approach to identity and access management, allowing organizations to centrally manage all their web-based apps.

Reporting & Compliance


Using Bitium, companies can easily set policies around cloud apps to ensure passwords are reset at regular intervals.   When passwords of shared applications are changed in Bitium, it changes for all employees who have access to the app, without interrupting employee productivity. Companies can also restrict access based on business discipline, level in the organization and job role. Regardless of regulation or compliance standards required, Bitium can serve as the single location to configure and enforce those requirements.

Bitium tracks hundreds of security and access events that can be exported to generate customized reports. Furthermore, this information can also be used to monitor logins to apps which enables you to identify unused licenses and reassign seats. Administrators can also use this information to see when employees have subscribed to multiple apps with the same functionality. Collectively this information can be used to ensure optimal usage of apps and drive efficiency.

White Glove Customer Experience


Since no two companies are alike, it only makes sense that every new customer is assigned a ‘Customer Success Consultant’ who customizes the initial setup process to the customer’s unique needs and objectives. From the onboarding workflow to the training process, each end-user experience is tailored to maximize user adoption and minimize the friction of the transition.

Our Customer Success team takes a proactive approach to service by monitoring app logins and reaching out to customers when we see anomalies. As each Bitium employee, including our support team, works within the platform for their own daily workflow, we’re all strong customer advocates with an in-depth understanding of our product.   

At Bitium, a white glove customer experience is the standard. Expect nothing less.

Password Management & Grading


With Single Sign-on (SSO), employees log into Bitium once and enjoy one-click access to all the applications they use from any device. Because passwords are managed within Bitium, employees can use strong, randomly-generated passwords without having to remember them.  But we don’t stop there.

A game-changer for administrators and users, our password reset feature guarantees you can minimize security risks from hacked apps in the shortest time possible. Even better, administrators can reset passwords without interrupting their employees; Bitium does the heavy lifting of updating their password with a stronger one.

IT can also monitor the strength of passwords and enforce policies that require employees to maintain a high password standard for all mission-critical apps. If a user’s password does not meet certain criteria (length, mixed characters, etc.), is duplicated across multiple applications, or would not withstand a brute force attack, they will be given a low password security grade. Meanwhile, multi-factor authentication and SAML implementations add additional layers of security and credential management capabilities.

And Bitium isn’t just about cloud apps with usernames and passwords...

We also recently announced our KeyVault feature that allows you and your employees to safely share and store non-credential, confidential information like alarm codes or credit card numbers.


As you can see, Bitium isn’t just another identity platform. We simplify identity access management for cloud-forward companies so they can get to work and be most productive on what truly matters for them and their organization.

We encourage you to come take a look at Bitium for yourself  - start a free trial today.