KeyVault: Going Beyond Username and Password

No matter how big the Bitium App Catalog gets (we’re currently at 5,500 and counting…), there will always be types of information that can’t be stored as an app’s username and password. Whether it’s office codes, WiFi password, credit cards, or API tokens, we wanted to enable teams to save and share this information as securely and easily as they share app credentials today.

That’s why we’re excited to launch KeyVault, a new tool designed to securely store and share credentials that aren’t associated with a specific application. While Bitium helps you store usernames and passwords, you can use KeyVault to save everything else, what we call “Vault items.”  KeyVault allows Bitium to be the home not only for application credentials, but for any kind of information that needs to be shared securely with co-workers and accessed regularly.


KeyVault is available now for all Business Plus and Unlimited users. Personal Dashboard users will also be able to save Vault items.

A detailed support article on how to get started is here.