IT’s New Year’s Resolution: Stop Storing Passwords in Spreadsheets

Stop storing passwords in spreadsheets

Here at Bitium, we love spreadsheets.  We just don’t like using them to store passwords.  It pains us to see companies put password security on the back burner until disaster strikes.  Especially when it all could have been avoided or minimized. 

The recent Sony hack, which is shaping up to be the biggest corporate hack ever, illustrates why you can’t store passwords in spreadsheets. So far, about 40 gigabytes of sensitive company data has been posted online and includes

  • Employee usernames, passwords, salaries, social security numbers and birthdates.
  • Copies of unreleased films, such as Annie, Still Alice, and Mr. Turner.
  • Embarrassing corporate memos (Poor Adam Sandler and Angelina Jolie).
  • IT blueprints including a list of routers, switches, load balancers, and administrative credentials.
  • HR records, and employee termination and severance costs.

 As we’ve seen with so many data breaches, this could just be the tip of the iceberg. 

Eliminate Password Management Challenges

We’ve talked about Four Lessons for Every Business from Five Major Data Breaches and provided a 5-Step Guide to Preventing Social Media Hacks but now is the time to make password security a priority for 2015.  We can help. #nomorespreadsheets

Bitium offers a centralized application and identity management platform that helps organizations:

  • Secure and centrally manage employee usernames and passwords. Check out the details about our 2048 bit encryption that we use to secure your employee data and application credentials.  
  • Protect applications and data through two-factor authentication and real-time password monitoring.
  • Increase employee productivity through single sign-on.
  • Extend identity to the cloud by connecting all their apps, users, and directories.

While we could go on and on about all of our features (check out the full list here), we thought you’d prefer to hear from our customers who turned to us to solve their password and SaaS management challenges:  

#1 MakeSpace Case Study 

Prior to Bitium, MakeSpace managed all of their users credentials in a spreadsheet.  Now they currently manage over 100 apps and use Bitium as their central application management platform.

Adam LeVasseur, CTO and Co-founder at MakeSpace said,

“Bitium is elegant and intuitive. It’s the Swiss Army knife every IT admin needs.”


#2 Convertro Case Study

Before using Bitium, Convertro was storing all of their usernames and passwords in a manner that was creating logistical management challenges.  Now, they use Bitium to manage 521 apps and all of their credentials. 

Misha Silin, Product Manager at Convertro said,

"Bitium eliminated a lot of steps from our password management and provisioning workflow. We knew Bitium would scale with our growing needs and we look forward to utilizing more of their advanced features in the future."


#3 Hawke Media Case Study

Prior to using Bitium, Hawke Media managed and stored passwords for their own accounts as well as client accounts using Google Docs. Now, they manage all of their employee credentials and apps in Bitium. 

Tony Delmercado, Director of Operations at Hawke Media said,

“Everyone now has one-click access to their apps, without knowing the password. I’ve been impressed top to bottom with the Bitium team, responsiveness and ability to meet our growing demands.”