Cheers to World Password Day


Once upon a time, creating your digital identity was an exciting occasion. Do you remember setting up your first email accounts? They were most likely personality-driven usernames paired with passwords full of personal touches, like a pet's name or the street you grew up on followed by your lucky number. Now, in our current state of app overload, it's hard to imagine reveling in the opportunity to create more usernames and passwords, but on World Password Day, we're taking advantage of this opportunity to celebrate our dear old friend, the password, by giving it some time-off.

SAML Support for Secure, Password-Free Authentication

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an authentication standard that eliminates the need for passwords completely by using tokens from a preconfigured trusted source instead of a username and password. Enabling SAML is the most secure way to manage authentication to corporate apps. At the same time, SAML decreases the number of passwords in your environment, diminishing the likelihood of password duplication across applications.

Multi-Factor Authentication to Layer Security

MFA is the addition of something you know or have that is separate from your primary source of authentication. Enable MFA to prevent unauthorized account logins and keep your applications and information safe. With MFA, even if someone discovers your username and password, without that additional piece of information, they cannot log in. A layer of independent  authentication is an easy way to help protect your organization’s accounts and data.

Focus on Credential Strength with Centralized Management

Intuitive centralized management systems enable administrators to analyze otherwise obscure trends in organization-wide security practices. With a tool like Bitium’s Organizational Insights, scoring credentials in an objective way opens the door to meaningful security auditing and enables administrators to take action on increasing application security and password strength. Create password policies and regularly review credential strength to help maintain a secure app environment.

Make Password Hygiene a Priority

Lastly, since each employee has the capability to create accounts on behalf of the organization, empower them to use stronger passwords without the hassle of having to remember them by taking advantage of Bitium’s password generator and manager. In return, administrators will gain insight into app sprawl and access to a broader, truer view of security across the organization’s full solution toolkit.

A holistic approach to identity and access management, including SAML implementations, multi-factor authentication and centralized credential management are paramount to supporting the traditional username-password credential set. Educating your team and enabling them to practice more judicious credential behavior expands the reach of security protocols.

So cheers to you, password!  For now, you’re still the key to all organizations’ SaaS toolkits.

Now pass the margaritas!