Case Study: Overcoming Password Management Challenges and Increasing Application Security with Bitium

Driving IT efficiency and increasing security with Bitium


Hawke Media is a growing marketing and advertising consultancy that offers its clients a full sales, marketing, and e-commerce team without the overhead.

Business Challenges

Prior to using Bitium, Hawke Media managed and stored passwords for their own accounts as well as client accounts using Google Docs.  Tony Delmercado, Director of Operations at Hawke Media, was concerned about protecting company data and wanted a more secure way to store passwords and a more efficient way to on-board and off-board employees.  A top fear was avoiding the scenario where ex-employees would still know the password and have access to sensitive data.


Hawke Media uses Bitium as their centralized application management platform to do the following:

  • On-board and off-board employees
  • Secure corporate and client credentials
  • Increase employee productivity through Single Sign-on

Overall, Bitium has increased security for Hawke Media's corporate applications and the accounts they manage on behalf of their 20 plus clients.  Tony notes that everyone now has quick access to their specific client ad channel, such as social or analytics, without knowing the password. Tony commented, “I’ve been impressed top to bottom with the Bitium team, responsiveness and ability to meet our growing demands.”