Case Study: Convertro Takes Control of SaaS Application Sprawl with Bitium

Bitium helps convertro securely manage usernames and passwords


Convertro is one of the industry’s leading marketing optimization platforms that provides marketers with analytics about their ads across different channels, formats, and segments. They were recently acquired by AOL to fuel advertising spend efficiency for AOL’s enterprise customers.

Business Challenges

In order for Convertro to calculate ROI for their customers’ marketing channels, they need to import spend data from their customers’ applications (i.e. Google Adwords, Bing, Commission Junction). This means they need to know and securely manage all of the login credentials for these apps.

Before using Bitium, they were storing all of these usernames and passwords in a manner that was creating logistical management challenges. As they grew, they realized they needed a more efficient way to manage passwords and provision apps to their employees.

Why did Convertro choose Bitium over a password manager?

When they started evaluating solutions, they were looking at password managers but they liked the additional features Bitium provided. Misha Silin, Product Manager at Convertro said, “We liked the idea of a SaaS platform and all the extra security, provisioning, app management, and Single Sign-on capabilities.”


Convertro currently manages 521 apps and uses Bitium as their central application management platform to do the following:

  • Securely manage all of their customers’ application credentials
  • Integrate web apps and provision apps quickly
  • On-board and off-board employees

Overall, Bitium secured Convertro’s employee and customer logins and increased IT efficiency by eliminating tedious administrative tasks.Silin summarized it best, “Bitium eliminated a lot of steps from our password management and provisioning workflow. We knew Bitium would scale with our growing needs and we look forward to utilizing more of their advanced features in the future."