Offers Incentive Programs for Non-Profits

This week, Box announced, an initiative to give non-profits free and discounted licenses to Box’s file-storage services.Box was motivated by a belief “that those committed to doing good should have the best tools available to them.” Homepage Image

We couldn’t agree more!

There are so many great charities doing meaningful work, and many of them are using tons of tools in complex organizations that would rival large companies in any industry. Having access to great products like Box and Bitium makes it easier for their employees to do their jobs efficiently, and allows them to spend less time and money doing day-to-day work while contributing even more to their cause.

At Bitium, we work with influential non-profits like Movember and Donors Choose to help them manage all of their applications (including Box!) and increase efficiency.  Bitium can be especially useful for charities with lots of seasonal employees because we make it easy for them to grant and revoke access to web-based tools quickly and securely.

We also let them share access to applications without sharing passwords, so when their seasonal employees leave, they don’t have to worry about changing passwords for everyone else.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Bitium can help your company work smarter, as well as our special pricing for non-profits, please email us any time and sign up for Bitium, free, at the button below!