Bitium + Slack: Accessing Apps as Fast as You Slack

Bitium has always believed in the power of realizing the full potential of web applications.  This core principle drives our curiosity, innovation and product feature development.  As avid Slack users, we turned an observation into a new powerful integration that takes “Slacking” to a whole new level.  

Today, we are happy to introduce our Slack integration, which allows you to access apps from within Slack without entering usernames or passwords.

How it Works

In the Slack text field, you can search for your accounts by using /bitium {service name}. For example, entering /bitium github could return the following:


You can return a list of all your accounts by using /bitium without anything after it. For example, entering /bitium could return the following:


Just click on the account you want to access and you will be automatically signed in - it's that easy!

Now you can access applications as fast as you Slack.   This feature is available to all Bitium customers.