Bitium Quarterly App Rankings Q2-2014

As user adoption of web based applications continues to grow in all market segments, specific growth trends vary widely among applications. At Bitium, we can see aggregate growth rates and trends. We have ourselves adopted multiple SaaS applications after noticing rapid growth amongst our users. As a company, we have decided to publish the top applications according to individual accounts managed through Bitium each quarter.

Some of the more interesting trends that we have seen among applications with high adoption rates are storage and productivity tools.

Storage, while historically a commoditized market is proving to be more complex. Box (17th), Dropbox (5th) and Google Drive (9th) are differentiating on functionality in addition to the amount of storage and maximum file size. Although Box ranked 17th, their growth rate exceeded any of the competitors.

For the first time we saw Google Apps’ growth rate was not as great as that of Office 365, keeping O365 at 7th in rank. As Microsoft improves Office 365, Google App users are either switching or using both tools. As the battle continues, it will be interesting to watch the growth trends.

Bitium Quarterly SaaS App Rankings - Q2 2014

It’s important to note that these do not necessarily represent adoption metrics for web based applications for all market segments. Rather this represents Bitium users who, on average, have higher adoption of web-based apps than the overall market and tend to be very progressive SaaS users.