Bitium Extends Google Apps for Work Offer To Single Sign-On and Provisioning

We were really excited to see that Google is giving away their software suite to existing Microsoft and IBM customers. It speaks to their confidence in the product. At Bitium, we echo that confidence. While most Identity Access Management solutions focus on Microsoft integration almost exclusively, at Bitium, we chose to be “Google-first”. My co-founder and I have been Google Apps customers through the last 3 companies that we’ve worked at together. Nearly half (48%) of Bitium’s customers use Google as their primary authentication into Bitium, allowing them to sync users and groups easily and securely.


We extended that “Google-first” mindset by being the first identity provider to enable automated provisioning directly through the Google Control panel for apps like Salesforce and Atlassian earlier this year.

To show our commitment to the symbiotic relationship that Bitium has with Google, we are extending Google’s offer to Bitium. Our pricing averages $5 per user per month, but, as of today, will be completely free for customers who are transitioning from Microsoft or IBM to Google Apps for Work. Bitium will remain free for these customers until they start paying for Google Apps.

We’re committed to helping our customers manage more than 5,500 unique apps through Bitium. While Microsoft has a great product suite, with Google and Bitium companies aren’t required to use Microsoft to run their businesses.  

It’s easy to sign up, just add Bitium from the Google App Marketplace and start your free service today.

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