Appy Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We're all excited to stuff ourselves full over the next few days. But before we relax and check out mentally (and in shopping lines) over the long weekend, we at Bitium want to share how grateful we are for some of our favorite apps this year:


"The app I'm most thankful for this Thanksgiving is Slack. 'People are the product' is an expression I like to use and Slack makes communicating with people as easy as pumpkin pie."

-Andrew Arrow, Sr. Software Engineer

"I am thankful for Dropbox Personal+Business. I am able to sync and collaborate all my current working files with Dropbox for Business and keep those separate from my personal files with no effort."

-Jason Carulli, Sr. UI Designer

"My favorite app is Evernote. Evernote makes it easy to collect, organize, and access all my notes and research in one place."

-Ken Garcia, Sr. Content Marketing Strategist

"I am thankful for LinkedIn because it helps me stay connected to customers, colleagues, and thought leaders as well as up to date with industry news and trends!"

-Lauren Winer, SMB Account Executive

"The app I'm most thankful for this year is Slack. It has totally changed the way I communicate with my team about various projects and topics. The way the desktop and mobile versions of Slack work together makes it super easy to stay connected and up-to-date all the time."

-Garrett Brown, Chief Revenue Officer

"Recruiterbox makes hiring the right talent easier by enabling our team to collaborate throughout the entire process. I'm grateful for Recruiterbox helping us maintain our talent density as we grow."

-Kristen Hinther, Operations Manager

"Since I always need to be aware of what’s going on in the industry, I am most grateful for Twitter this Thanksgiving. Twitter is a great resource for real time news, trending topics, and thought leadership."

-Karen Chu, Marketing Coordinator

"As someone who works in a customer support role, I am most thankful for Cloudapp because it’s an excellent tool for simple visual file sharing and, more importantly, quick and clear collaborative troubleshooting."

-Will Sholan, Customer Success Representative

It seems like here at Bitium, the general consensus is that we love the apps that allow us to share, collaborate, and communicate with each other. Now what about your company? What are some of the apps you are most thankful for this Thanksgiving?