This Time It’s Personal: Announcing Personal Dashboards

Most recently, we’ve received many requests for a way to let employees have access to personal apps via Bitium while keeping them separate from the apps they use for work. We took this request to heart and have launched a personal version of our product for employees called Personal Dashboard. Listening to our customers has been a priority for Bitium from the very beginning. We pride ourselves on integrating feedback and suggestions into our product whenever and wherever possible. Driven by customer’s requesting apps, we now have a catalog of over  5,000 pre-integrated apps - ranging from Dropbox, Wunderlist and Twitter to Adobe Creative Cloud, Salesforce and Virgin America.

The Personal Dashboard enables employees to use a non-work email to sign into all their personal accounts - providing the security and convenience of a single sign-on solution while maintaining individual privacy on those accounts. Better still, if they leave the firm they can take their Personal Dashboard with them, a feature you will only find at Bitium. IT gets the reassurance that employees are not exposing the company to risk by replicating passwords across personal and corporate accounts, and they no longer have to manage the clutter of personal apps.

Personal Dashboards are available today to all Bitium customers and their employees. To get started, employees need to simply:

  • Log into
  • Select the dropdown next to the Bitium logo and your company’s logo in the top left corner, and click on “Personal - NEW”
  • Enter a non-work email address
  • Go to their email inbox and click on the link in the email to activate their account
  • Add all of their personal apps into their dashboard

Encourage employees to create a Personal Dashboard and let us know how it goes. We’re always eager to listen and always looking for more ways to improve our service.