10 Tweetable Stats (and a White Paper) That'll Help You Move to the Cloud


When it comes to moving to the cloud - whether you're IT or the business - there are numerous factors and touch points to consider.  Prioritizing what to do, from choosing a cloud backup provider to integrating your directory, can be challenging. Here are some stats and tips to help your organization with their cloud strategy (see below).

Also, for more in-depth information about cloud trends and challenges, check out our white paper: "Top 4 Cloud Computing Challenges."

10 Tweetable Cloud Stats and Tips 

  1. Reducing on-site staffing requirements and mobilizing your workforce are top reasons to move to the cloud. -Quickbooks
  2. 52% of leading organizations are turning to the cloud to drive innovation in products and services.
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  6. 30% say Security and Compliance are top challenges with cloud maturity. -Rightscale
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  8. Cloud storage prices have fallen by more than 50%. -Techcrunch
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  10. 75% of SMBs have no disaster recovery plan. - Techrepublic
  11. 40% of SMB executives reported the cloud enabled them to move into new geo markets faster.
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  15. 55% of SMB retailers were unaware of their state’s security breach requirements. -Yahoo finance
  16. 53% of enterprise developers using the cloud report faster time to market and improved productivity.
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  20. 461 is the average number of cloud apps enterprises have running in their organizations -- nine to 10 times IT's estimate. -Netskope
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  22. Second biggest moving to the cloud pain point is integration of legacy and on-prem systems with cloud apps. -451Research