Secure Authentication and Authorization: A Gateway to Selling to the Enterprise

base-devices@2x-2.pngIn today’s world of fast-paced app development, growing business-to-business (B2B) application services are looking to quickly add midmarket and enterprise clients to their customer base. While these potential enterprise customers seek to adopt SaaS tools to increase productivity, trust in app security is a prerequisite. Success in the crowded B2B app marketplace has been shown to rely heavily on a given app’s ability to establish secure connections to existing identity providers. For this reason alone, CTOs are willing to invest highly valuable time and development resources in building out authentication and authorization capabilities, pulling technical focus away from core app functionality.


With the introduction of Bitium Application Services Endpoint (BASE), now available in the AWS marketplace, Bitium positions itself as a partner to ISVs in removing this development roadblock. BASE is an authentication and authorization platform that allows organizations to quickly and easily create scalable single sign-on (SSO) for their B2B apps. BASE connects with any IdP and can support industry standard authentication methods such as Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), increasing both speed to market and adoption rates. The plug-and-play set-up of BASE saves development resources and adds flexibility to authentication flows. Moreover, as the identity space evolves with more sophisticated authentication methods, app providers can maintain their focus on core functionality instead of addressing developments in authentication and authorization.

With BASE, CTOs retake their innovative role in creating a competitive product and driving faster adoption, all while increasing efficiency of internal technical resources. BASE is also available in the AWS marketplace. For more information about BASE and Bitium, visit

BASE also helps organizations enable secure access for their employees and partners to their internal apps. Similarly, adding secure authentication and authorization to in-house legacy tools is possible with BASE. Think you might have a unique use case for BASE? Contact us and we can see discuss potential solutions.