The Hidden Value of Exceptional Customer Service

5-star_service.jpgInternational Customer Service Week marked an important opportunity for us to revisit what makes us a customer-driven organization. Our alignment comes primarily from each department focusing on their unique ability to positively impact our customers’ experience while using our identity platform. Our CRO has discussed how to build Customer Service into your company’s DNA, our proactive support has been called out as a top way to upgrade your CS and our CTO has offered insight on how to keep your customers in mind even as you code. Why? We strongly believe outstanding support not only adds value to our customers’ experience of using our product, but that it’s actually an integral part of our offering.

When evaluating the right vendors to partner with, factors like quality, flexibility, and reliability are among standard considerations. Service-level Agreements generally make an appearance in evaluation rubrics, highlighting specifics around availability of support options like 24x7 accessibility or being able to speak with an agent by phone, chat and email. Meanwhile, the impact of exceptional support -- support agents going above and beyond in each personal interaction --  though highly-valued by administrators, is often too hard to objectively evaluate and is left out of the evaluation process.

Outstanding support means it takes less time and effort to resolve issues, minimizing the impact on your team. And when those interactions take place, agents are knowledgeable and can quickly diagnose your problem. It also means that potential service interruptions can be identified and investigated before user experience is degraded. In so many ways, exceptional customer service majorly impacts the value a product provides.

To be sure you’re making the right investment, here are some ways to recognize exceptional customer service during the evaluation process:

  • Assess the vendor’s interest level in customization and tailoring offerings to your unique use case;
  • Determine if business consulting plays a role in the sales process with sales executives offering education and advice around the industry and best practices; and
  • Explore available resources to continue the education and advising process once fully onboarded like support documentation, user training and product update messaging.

As Customer Service Week comes to a close, let us know if there’s any way we can add value to your Bitium experience.