Simplify Your Life with a Crystal-Clear Cloud Strategy

cloud_hand.pngThe pursuit of simplifying your life may lead you down many avenues, but where can you get the biggest return for your efforts? Well, if you’re looking for inspiration on the Bitium blog, we suggest clearly defining your business’ cloud strategy as a great way to reduce obstacles in your life.

Here are some areas worth exploring when carving out your approach:

Outlook on the Cloud

What do you think the evolution of the cloud looks like in the next 1, 5 or 10 years?

The low barrier of entry to the cloud can be misleading; cloud is a disruptive technology for most organizations, so cloud strategies have to look forward in ways that allow for its natural evolution. With the public and private cloud computing market experiencing a tremendous amount of innovation, now is a great time to take a survey of all of the directions cloud technology is heading in, from containerization and mobile apps to improvements in security and data management.

A forward-looking point of view helps your organization continue to reap the full benefits from the cloud’s promise of cost-efficiency and agility regardless of its inevitable entropy.

Define a Global Intention

What does the ideal cloud integration look like for the business?

Whether the draw of potential cost-savings or the inevitability of Shadow IT brought you to embrace the cloud, a clear set of expectations and awareness of their unique requirements is essential. For example, if ubiquitous access is desired so that your mobile workforce can leverage their business tools across a full range of devices, a multitude of access controls from MDM to IP whitelisting must be considered. Or, maybe end-to-end integration is what your team needs to enable genuine holistic oversight of organizational cloud security, so you’re thinking about tools with deep integrations or even published APIs for custom integration.

Perhaps, you want it all and are heading for a cloud-forward approach. Whatever your goals are, a global definition of success will help ensure each new cloud technology you bring into your environment is aligned with your strategy and doesn’t move you off target.

Hunker Down for the Long Haul

What long-term monitoring and periodic assessments will keep you on track?

Gauging the success of cloud technologies within your organization is an ongoing process like for any other solution in your toolkit, but competition in the still-maturing cloud computing market means the upside of recognizing inefficiencies is even greater. With tough competition in the space driving fast-paced innovation, the sooner an opportunity to improve cloud technology deployments is identified, the better.

Whether you’re working on cloud adoption or focusing on promoting a cloud-forward approach, document best practices for checking-in on and keeping track of your cloud solutions’ value added to the business.

Regardless of the complexity of the cloud, IT can drive productivity and collaboration for teams for more efficient business operations when aligned with a crystal-clear cloud strategy.