On the Eve of System Administrator Day

city_scape_2.pngSystem Administration is a juggling act. Influxes of new hires, the trickle of departing team members, and a constantly fluctuating security landscape add endless complexity to a sysadmin’s daily workload. Each day is not like the last with surprises around every turn.

Adding to the intricacy of System Administration is  the diverse range of systems of record owned across an organization. Even within a single department, like HR, these systems are often fragmented. All this, paired with IT’s role in cultural challenges like cross-departmental partnership and the fact that the ones pulling the strings aren’t always IT-trained anymore, the job of a System Administrator is not what it used to be.

Today, the work of a sysadmin is more about enabling a dynamic workforce with all of the tools needed to succeed rather than straightforward data management. Tomorrow is System Administrator Appreciation Day and  to help you celebrate, automate the minutiae and free up time when you enable Bitium to:

  • Sync with your HRMS or directory for auto-provisioning of team- or department-specific tools;

  • Manage deprovisioning with a single click;

  • Consolidate identities in the cloud by specifying systems of record for unique attributes;

  • Empower employees to share the responsibility of securing sensitive business information and credentials with password grading;

  • Reduce the frequency of account lockouts and handle password resets for you; and

  • Allow innovation by freeing up administrative time, all while reducing the friction of rolling out a new tool.

Recently, we helped reduce the workload for Bunpa-Henri Tan, a System Administrator at Breather, who was taking hours to meet with hiring managers and their new team members to set up access to required tools and applications. With Bitium, he saves time and energy so his interactions with his team can be focused on creating real value for the business, not crossing off manual to dos.

As you celebrate this System Administrator Appreciation Day, let us know how we can provide your sysadmin with additional support!