Quick Tips for the Workaholics on Your Team

Workaholic.jpgToday is National Workaholics Day! While a number of us here at Bitium identify with the workaholic mindset, as a company we believe working hard should always be paired with working smart. In fact, our mission is built around the intention to improve productivity and efficiency through a cloud-forward approach.

In the interest of empowering the workaholics on your team to work smarter on this national holiday, here are some of our favorite efficiency tips when using Bitium:

Automate When Possible

Logins are streamlined with single sign-on, so add all of your cloud applications to your Bitium dashboard and leave the memorization to us. “Forgot password?” can be a thing of the past. And for Bitium admins, app auto-provisioning seamlessly delegates access to new team members’ dashboards saving your system administrator from getting buried under a mountain of individual app assignments. Find out more from Breather’s firsthand account.

Master the Shortcuts

Know that Bitium is with you every step along the way, ready to meet you within your usual workflow. Access your cloud apps three different ways: from the dashboard, through a browser plug-in or by using secure auto-fill from the app’s login screen. Add bookmarks to take you straight to the pages you access the most to avoid extra steps in your daily online navigation. One last shortcut: launch apps directly from Slack.

Integrate for Increased Efficiency

One main assumption in our cloud-forward philosophy is that the more integrated your cloud toolkit is, the greater your productivity. Engage Bitium’s integrations with your favorite apps like Slack and AWS to save time and energy. The Bitium API can even bridge the gap between your team’s internal apps; keep your eye out for more to come on this feature in our blog or contact support@bitium.com to find out more.

Consolidate in the Cloud

With a centralized identity platform, all of your reporting on security and access events are in one place. Utilize Bitium as the monitoring system for access event logs for all of your organization’s secure information, including KeyVault items like WiFi passwords or alarm codes. Since Bitium is built to sync with multiple directories, your admins can even consolidate your business’ identities in the cloud by pulling the desired attributes from your choice of directory.

I hope these quick tips serve you and your team well! I’ll let you get back to your next Pomodoro.