Don't Panic!


Tomorrow is International Panic Day. Not sure why it would be on a Saturday since weekends should be the least panicked of all days, but I digress.

There are a ton of stress factors in the world -- everything from misplacing your keys to someone stealing your identity. In order to help you and your teams feel a little less panicked, know that Bitium has you covered on the identity and access side of things.

Bitium gives you, your business and employees, the ability to easily manage and securely access all their cloud apps without having to write down usernames and passwords on pieces of paper or collect them in spreadsheets. Go one step further and enable tokenized authentication with SAML, and there is no password at all.

Did someone with access to all the credentials suddenly leave? No worries, those credentials are all still in Bitium and you can quickly disable access, change passwords, and delegate access to those that need it.

Log into Bitum and you have access to it all. So get rid of the spreadsheet or Post-It note with all of your passwords on it and try out Bitium.