Quit YoYoing!

yoyo.jpgToday is National YoYo Day. YoYos mean different things to different people. Some people fondly remember the round toy with a string that so simply amused many of us well before Minecraft was invented.

Others cringe at the thought of the word because it reminds them of the exhausting, and many times infuriating back-and-forth of an activity, whether it’s dieting or multitasking.

With Bitium, know that you can at least get rid of one of those yoyoing factors in your life. We are a one-stop shop to access and manage your cloud apps. Simply log into Bitium at www.bitium.com with one username and password and you now have access to more than 7,000 cloud apps without having to worry about forgetting or repeating a password.

Why spend your time yoyoing between sign-in pages? Use Bitium!

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