Save your Breath this Blame Someone Else Day


Today is the first Friday the 13th of the year, and apparently someone decided it is also Blame Someone Else Day. Don’t ask me, wasn’t my idea. Some might view this as an opportunity to, well, blame someone else when something goes wrong. We though, are taking the opportunity to help make sure there’s no need to blame someone else when it comes to managing and accessing your cloud apps.

Cloud apps are a huge part of our personal and work lives, whether it is posting a status update on Facebook and retweeting a news article or sharing a business proposal in Dropbox and creating a new entry in Salesforce.

Protect your cloud apps and avoid needing to take advantage of Blame Someone Else Day. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Regularly change your passwords and don’t use the same password on multiple accounts. Leverage our password generator if you need help creating new ones.
  • Connect your HR system with your identity and access management solution. This will help ensure that  employee app access is automatically added or removed as they join, leave or switch roles.
  • Data and things that need to be kept secret go beyond the typical usernames and passwords. Store and share your WiFi passwords, credit card information, security codes, and other sensitive information using our KeyVault feature.
  • Securely grant access to apps without sharing passwords and set up app-specific policies to customize access controls. View which users have accessed the account and revoke access at any time, without the hassle of having to change passwords.

This should hopefully start you on your way to avoiding the blame game today.  Just don’t blame me if something goes wrong today, it wasn’t my idea.