Latest Product Updates: May 6, 2015 Edition

As previously posted, we plan to provide you with more regular updates on what’s new with our products and services. From Android to JumpCloud and everything in between, below are just a few of the highlights. As always, if you have any feedback or top feature requests, don’t hesitate to reach out and make a suggestion here.


1. Bitium Vault Android App

Now Bitium users can take their passwords with them on their Android device, then quickly and easily copy them from their Bitium Vault to their application of choice. Click here to download.



2. Jumpcloud integration as Primary Authentication

Bitium now integrates with JumpCloud, a popular Active Directory and LDAP solution in the cloud.



3. Control over password visibility

When editing credentials for an application, administrators can now control the visibility of the newly set credentials.



4. Control over password resets

Organization administrators can now restrict the password reset feature to installations that they created. This comes in handy when the same passwords are used outside of Bitium and remembered for longer time on devices that don't have access to Bitium.



5. Quickly place users into groups

When adding new users to Bitium, you now have the option to quickly place them into groups the moment they are created.



6. SAML attributes based on group membership

Bitium now offers the ability to configure SAML attributes based on Bitium group membership. The first app to support this is Amazon Web Services where Bitium supports setting IAM Roles according to group membership. This will help users that have a complex AWS setup.



7. Custom color scheme

In addition to customizing your organization's logo, administrators can now also change the colors of the navigation bar and side bar.