How MakeSpace uses Bitium as Their IT Swiss Army Knife

How MakeSpace uses Bitium to solve password management and provisioning challenges


MakeSpace, the Dropbox for physical objects, is a full-service storage company that provides storage bins, pickup, online cataloging, and on-demand storage to take the hassle out of traditional physical storage.  With thousands of customers, they have experienced tremendous growth over the past year, quadrupling their company size.

Business Challenges

Prior to Bitium, MakeSpace managed all of their user credentials in a spreadsheet.  With over 100 SaaS and web applications in their organization, this proved a logistical nightmare. They also recognized the security vulnerabilities of storing passwords this way very early on.  It’s why they started looking for a more efficient way to manage passwords and provision apps to their employees.

Why did MakeSpace choose Bitium over a password manager?

When they started evaluating solutions, they looked at password managers, but Bitium's ease of use and provisioning capabilities were a better fit for their business needs.  Adam LeVasseur, CTO and Co-founder at MakeSpace said, “Bitium is elegant and intuitive. It’s the Swiss Army knife every IT admin needs.


MakeSpace currently manages over 100 apps and uses Bitium as their central application management platform to do the following:

  • Securely Manage all of their employees’ application credentials.

  • Integrate web apps and provision apps quickly.

  • On-board and off-board employees.

  • Provide their employees one place to access all of their apps.