Logging into Apps just became easier with Bitium’s Secure Auto-Fill

It’s no secret that logging into apps is not only time consuming, it’s often difficult.

With so many usernames and credentials to remember, on top of using ridiculously strong passwords (we assume you’re already doing this), logging into apps takes too much time out of your day. At Bitium, our goal is to make your life better and our new Secure Auto-Fill feature will do just that.

Starting next week, the updated Bitium Chrome plugin will recognize when you hit a login page of an app you have added to Bitium.

  1. When the page loads you will see the Bitium Bitium B  in the username field.

  2. This Bitium B is your ticket to the party. By clicking on the Bitium B you will choose the username that you want to use to login to the specific app. If you only have one instance of the app added to your dashboard, you will only have one option. Seems simple, right?

     Secure Auto Login 2

  3. As you can see above, I only have one instance of Hubspot in Bitium. Below, you will notice that I have multiple Twitter accounts.

     Secure Auto Login 3
  4. By clicking on the menu icon next to the app instance you wish to use, you will be given 3 options; "Fill Form," "Copy Username," and "Copy Password" (Note: You will not have these options if you do not have view-access of the password.) 

    • “Fill Form” will fill in your password, but not submit the form. This is useful when asked to enter cursory information within a form.

    • Need to copy your username or password while filling out a form? In this case you can click on the menu and you will have the option to “Copy Username” and “Copy Password”. To give you an additional layer of security, we carried over the same logic from the dashboard; if it has been over 10 minutes since you have logged into Bitium, you will have to confirm your Bitium password to copy your credentials.


   Secure Auto-Fill Image 4

We can assure you, that starting next week, Bitium’s Secure Auto-Fill for desktop is going to be your new best friend. Log into apps in seconds with the enhanced Secure Auto-Fill feature and never worry about roadblocks when it comes to getting your work done. The Chrome Plugin will update automatically, so you don’t have to do anything. If you have any questions, check out the Bitium support page here.

While we don’t think this will happen, in the event that you don’t want to use the Secure Auto-Fill feature, just click on your browser preferences, go into “Extensions”, click on “Options” and deselect the option: “Enable Secure Auto-Fill".