Four Lessons for Every Business from Five Data Breaches

Enterprise and SMB data breach lessons

With so many data breaches making the news, it's hard to keep up with the aftermath and the lessons to be learned. However, enterprises and SMBs should take notes from recent data breaches to ensure they don't find themselves in a similar situation. 

This e-book covers the postmortem analysis from five recent data breaches, from eBay to Snapchat, to help you avoid their mistakes and shore up blind spots in your cloud and security strategy.  Despite all you've read, you might be surprised by some of the findings. 

This e-book covers the following data breaches:

         •   eBay
         •   Target
         •   AT&T
         •   Snapchat
         •   Code Spaces




This is part of our continued series: Data Breach Lessons.  You can check out "Lessons from the StubHub Hack" and "Anatomy of Social Media Heist [Infographic]".