Is BYOA a Blind Spot for IT?


Is BYOA a blindspot for IT?


The BYOA phenomenon has been around, but as it continues to grow, it’s clear that organizations and specifically ITm haven’t figured out how best to meet the challenges of the BYOA era. 

A recent survey indicated that enterprise have an average of 461 cloud apps running in their organization, which is 9 to 10 times the estimate of IT departments. Another survey revealed 30% of file-sharing and collaboration SaaS apps were being used outside of IT’s control. That’s a lot of sensitive corporate data just floating in the ether. 

As companies recognize the value of empowering a BYOA culture, IT is stuck with figuring out how best to meet the needs of the business without compromising security. 

This BYOA ebook details the common challenges and the top four ways IT can embrace BYOA securely and efficiently.  You'll learn how organizations and IT can:

-  Take control of rogue SaaS apps without hindering worker productivity.
-  Reduce IT management inefficiencies in a BYOA environment.
-  Improve Security while still providing employees the freedom to choose their own apps.
-  Optimize SaaS Usage and close the BYOA disconnect with the business.