C-Suite Game of Thrones: CIO vs. CMO



As the competition between CMOs and CIOs intensifies, it seems like the enterprise is looking a bit like Westeros. We don’t blame either for coveting the iron throne, but the lesson here, is that everyone loses with an adversarial CMO-CIO partnership.

The new Forrester report The State of Digital Business confirms this challenge, with only 25% of executives indicating that their digital business units and IT working well together. With 75% of executives claiming to have a digital strategy, this disconnect between the two departments could be the biggest obstacle to success in the digital age.

Play the C-Suite Game of Thrones

While it’s pure fantasy to hope Tyrion and Daenerys will rule Westeros in peaceful harmony, a solid CMO-CIO partnership is realistically achievable. Here’s how to play the C-suite game of thrones:

CMOs: Make IT your new best friend

While you may hold the purse strings, you need IT to help execute your digital initiatives. With so many touchpoints, you’ll need a savvy technology consultant.

CIOs: You can still be "King of the North"

Accept that legacy applications aren’t worth fighting for and don’t let security stonewall conversations. As you are aware, the business is moving forward with or without you.

CEOs: Even the "Iron Bank" has to take a stand

A commitment for better alignment starts from the top, and while many examples of organizational changes haven't bridged the divide, perhaps leveraging cloud technology to break down organizational silos could yield better results.    

Lessons from Industry CIOs/CMOs

We've rounded up lesson from real CIOs and CMOs who are working towards better alignment.  Check it out!  

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