Top 5 Ways to Secure Corporate Social Media Accounts

Protecting Social Media Accounts

The culprit behind many of today’s high profile social media account hacks has been lax employee password practices.  This negligent behavior combined with IT’s struggle to manage access for these accounts are why hackers will continue to target these accounts.

Facing irreparable damage to your brand and potential intrusion into other business apps, companies can no longer afford to leave these accounts vulnerable.  But getting employees to use unique and smarter passwords across all their apps and eliminating the scenarios where it is just easier for employees to share their password are challenging.   

Read this eBook, to learn the Top 5 ways your company can secure their social media accounts:

          - Centralize Social Media Account Management

          - End Password Fatigue: Single Sign-On to the Rescue

          - Ensure Password Diversity

          - Secure Employees' Personal Social Media and SaaS Accounts

          - Offboard with one-click