McConaissance for Marketers: A New Marketing Toolkit

Marketing reinvention


From the latest Adobe Summit, it seems marketers are feeling like Matt McConaughey circa Fool’s Gold. 40% said they want to reinvent but only 14% know how. Much of the apprehension centers around digital technology, new marketing tools, and how it is transforming the role of the marketing professional.

But come on, you guys are masters on reinvention, so your McConaissance is within reach. The first step is realizing that your workflow needs a cloud makeover.

Make your toolkit cloud ready

Surviving in the new digital era goes beyond selecting the best social media and marketing SaaS apps for your toolkit. It’s about being able to implement these apps into your workflow properly, so that you can deliver on your digital initiatives.

It’s why we’ve created this Marketing and Agency Playbook - to help you build the proper cloud foundation for your toolkit in the digital era, which includes:

              - Centralized application access from one dashboard and Single Sign-On.

              - Sharing app access with co-workers, remote staff, and freelancers securely and seamlessly.  And by seamless, we mean two clicks.

              - Manage social media accounts on your clients' behalf without access to their passwords.  Treat their social media like a tech company treats their IP.

Be the master of your toolkit, and you’ll be basking in some McConaissance glory.