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16 of the World's Biggest Data Breaches & Hacks of 2016
Posted by Conrad Smith on Jan 4, 2017

 While looking forward to 2017, it is also time to take stock of last year. What follows is a list of the 15 biggest data breaches by record count for 2016. We compile this list every year, and just by sheer record count, 2016 blew previous years away (thank you Yahoo!), and is an eye watering compilation of sensitive information and credential theft.

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Celebrating Computer Security Day
Posted by Conrad Smith on Nov 30, 2016

worldsecurityday2 (1).jpgToday is Computer Security Day. From smartphones to the ever expanding world of IoT, so much of daily life now depends upon or is directly impacted by a multitude of computer. As a result, there’s it’s in everyone’s best interest protect all of our connected devices, not just laptop or desktop computers. In the spirit of World Computer Security Day, , we’ve pulled together a few pieces of information and suggestions to help improve your and also the world’s computer security.



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Focusing on the Journey, Not the Destination: Maximizing Existing Security Investments
Posted by Conrad Smith on Oct 27, 2016

journey.jpegA well functioning and capable security program requires a blend of tools and solutions. Organizations typically make purchases based upon their immediate needs (or maybe those they had 12 months ago when the thought first crossed someone’s mind), and then hopefully implement said purchases. Buying and implementing though is just a portion of the lifecycle of those tools. What’s often forgotten along with things like daily care and feeding, is to periodically reassess that investment.

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The Cow and The Ditch: What To Do After A Data Breach
Posted by Conrad Smith on Oct 26, 2016

planning.jpgWhile the proper thing is to focus on avoiding data breaches and security incidents before they even happen, unfortunately they still do. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there have been nearly 800 data breaches over the course of the year so far with nearly 30 million records exposed. Many of these were the result of basic employee error, but some have been much more sophisticated. While you might not anticipate a breach, you should at least plan for one.

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Passwords. The Pros, The Cons, The Alternatives.
Posted by Conrad Smith on Oct 20, 2016

Password SecurityEnter your username and password. The format has been around for ages, and is so commonplace now that password fatigue is a real thing. The end result is that the same username and password combination -- maybe variations on the same theme because that seemed enough at the time -- are repeated and propagated across different sites and applications for years. The risk associated with sticking to that habit has grown immensely with the ever-increasing number of data breaches and now, more than ever, the approach to passwords has to change.

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Creating A Security Hygiene Checklist
Posted by Conrad Smith on Oct 18, 2016


In my previous post, I briefly mentioned the importance of having good security hygiene. But what does that really mean?

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Make Every Month National Cyber Security Awareness Month
Posted by Conrad Smith on Oct 12, 2016


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Spotify Wasn’t Hacked, But Is Password Reset Really The Solution?
Posted by Conrad Smith on Sep 7, 2016

Fix-Spotify-Problems.jpgLast week, Spotify announced that it was forcing users to reset their passwords. This wasn’t because of a data breach or hack like other companies have been facing. Rather, it was a proactive response to these external events.

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What Pokemon Go Has Taught Us About FOMO And Security
Posted by Conrad Smith on Jul 15, 2016

Pokemon_Go.pngWow! Pokemon is back, and how! Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, whether you’re playing or not, Pokemon has entered your life again. But the bigger news around this latest craze has actually been the security and privacy flaws uncovered.

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Don't Panic!
Posted by Conrad Smith on Jun 17, 2016


Tomorrow is International Panic Day. Not sure why it would be on a Saturday since weekends should be the least panicked of all days, but I digress.

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