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2016 #CustomerLove Roundup
Posted by Amanda Bretz on Dec 14, 2016

customerlove.jpgSince we consider ourselves partners in identity and access management to our customers, we’re always thrilled to see their successes and announcements in the news. We have a lot of respect for the ways they’re making strides in their industries and pushing the envelope to create elegant solutions to the most complex problems. Here are some of our favorite highlights from 2016:




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The 3-Step Antidote to Security Fatigue
Posted by Amanda Bretz on Nov 2, 2016

security fatigue.jpgLast month NIST released a study warning of widespread security fatigue as end users report feeling defenseless against malicious attacks. Survey respondents displayed a general frustration and weariness around online account security. As a result, many have taken the stance of merely hoping that they’re not a high-value target instead of taking steps to fortify their defenses.

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The Hidden Value of Exceptional Customer Service
Posted by Amanda Bretz on Oct 6, 2016

5-star_service.jpgInternational Customer Service Week marked an important opportunity for us to revisit what makes us a customer-driven organization. Our alignment comes primarily from each department focusing on their unique ability to positively impact our customers’ experience while using our identity platform. Our CRO has discussed how to build Customer Service into your company’s DNA, our proactive support has been called out as a top way to upgrade your CS and our CTO has offered insight on how to keep your customers in mind even as you code. Why? We strongly believe outstanding support not only adds value to our customers’ experience of using our product, but that it’s actually an integral part of our offering.

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It's the Opportunity End-of-Year Presents
Posted by Amanda Bretz on Sep 29, 2016


September 30th marks the end of the U.S. government’s fiscal year. No, it’s not a holiday or generally-recognized cause for celebration, but I’d like to offer an exciting twist: end-of-year is the perfect time to make sure you’re getting the most out of your cloud investment.

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Simplify Your Life with a Crystal-Clear Cloud Strategy
Posted by Amanda Bretz on Aug 8, 2016

cloud_hand.pngThe pursuit of simplifying your life may lead you down many avenues, but where can you get the biggest return for your efforts? Well, if you’re looking for inspiration on the Bitium blog, we suggest clearly defining your business’ cloud strategy as a great way to reduce obstacles in your life.

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On the Eve of System Administrator Day
Posted by Amanda Bretz on Jul 28, 2016

city_scape_2.pngSystem Administration is a juggling act. Influxes of new hires, the trickle of departing team members, and a constantly fluctuating security landscape add endless complexity to a sysadmin’s daily workload. Each day is not like the last with surprises around every turn.

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Quick Tips for the Workaholics on Your Team
Posted by Amanda Bretz on Jul 5, 2016

Workaholic.jpgToday is National Workaholics Day! While a number of us here at Bitium identify with the workaholic mindset, as a company we believe working hard should always be paired with working smart. In fact, our mission is built around the intention to improve productivity and efficiency through a cloud-forward approach.

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Quit YoYoing!
Posted by Amanda Bretz on Jun 6, 2016

yoyo.jpgToday is National YoYo Day. YoYos mean different things to different people. Some people fondly remember the round toy with a string that so simply amused many of us well before Minecraft was invented.

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No Two Identity Platforms Are Exactly Alike
Posted by Amanda Bretz on Apr 20, 2016

Today is “Look Alike Day.” We have all learned through various experiences in life, that no two things are the same even if they look alike. Think identical twins with different personalities and interests, margarine and butter, Macs and PCs and identity platforms.

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Celebrating Women in Apps
Posted by Amanda Bretz on Mar 29, 2016

We are entering the final week of National Women’s History Month. Last week, we took a moment to salute some of our women-led customers. This week, we’d like to share some of our favorite apps in the Bitium App Catalog that were created or are led by females. While we can’t list them all (we have over 7,000 apps -- and counting!), here are just a few:

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