Embrace Your Geekness


Today is national Embrace Your Geekness Day and you might be asking yourself what you should be embracing as your unique “geekness.” The reigning assumption of the day is that we all have something in our lives that we’re passionate about that earns us geek credentials. Whether that be an interest in technology or trivia, comics or gaming, today is an opportunity to challenge yourself and dive just a little bit deeper into those waters.

Don't Panic!


Tomorrow is International Panic Day. Not sure why it would be on a Saturday since weekends should be the least panicked of all days, but I digress.

The More You Know: 10 Things Possible With Bitium

technology-development.jpgAs a cloud-forward company, we are constantly updating and iterating. Every week, there are new features added and tweaks made to Bitium in order make the experience even better for our customers. We thought we would share some of these latest and favorite features with you and your business so you can leverage Bitium to its fullest and be even more productive and protected.

Quit YoYoing!

yoyo.jpgToday is National YoYo Day. YoYos mean different things to different people. Some people fondly remember the round toy with a string that so simply amused many of us well before Minecraft was invented.

Save your Breath this Blame Someone Else Day


Today is the first Friday the 13th of the year, and apparently someone decided it is also Blame Someone Else Day. Don’t ask me, wasn’t my idea. Some might view this as an opportunity to, well, blame someone else when something goes wrong. We though, are taking the opportunity to help make sure there’s no need to blame someone else when it comes to managing and accessing your cloud apps.

Cheers to World Password Day

passwords-011.jpgOnce upon a time, creating your digital identity was an exciting occasion. Do you remember setting up your first email accounts? They were most likely personality-driven usernames paired with passwords full of personal touches, like a pet's name or the street you grew up on followed by your lucky number. Now, in our current state of app overload, it's hard to imagine reveling in the opportunity to create more usernames and passwords, but on World Password Day, we're taking advantage of this opportunity to celebrate our dear old friend, the password, by giving it some time-off.

Saluting Our Women-Led Customers

March is National Women’s History Month and provides an opportunity for us to pay tribute to the generations of women who make valuable contributions to society. Please join us in taking a moment to salute women in leadership roles at a few of our cloud-forward customers. As the cloud continues to permeate the corporate landscape, these forward-thinking women are paving the way for others, and helping to protect their organizations, partners, and customers along the way.

Managing Risk in Cloud-Forward Companies

This is the final installment of my five-part series on the cloud-forward moment, its benefits and risks.

There are so many advantages to being a cloud-forward company – increased productivity, attracting and retaining talent, being more competitive and innovative, reducing costs – that it may seem odd that there are many companies who haven’t made the transition.

Maximizing Talent in the Cloud-Forward Company

This is the fourth in my five-part series on the “cloud-forward” movement, its benefits and risks.

No matter what your industry, it’s likely the most critical competitive battle you face in today’s marketplace is the battle for talent. Whether you’re trying to find the right programmers, sales reps or product developers for your needs, it’s vital to your business success. So is keeping those talented people once they are on board, and getting the best out of them.

Tapping into the Cloud to Stimulate Growth

This is the third in my five-part series on the “cloud-forward” movement, its benefits and risks.

Cloud-forward companies are typically flexible, innovative and growing fast. They have great ideas for the marketplace that has attracted capital, talent and customers.

The Opportunity for Cloud-Forward Businesses

This is the latest in a five-part series on the “cloud-forward” movement, its benefits and risks.

It takes planning and a new way of thinking to become a cloud-forward business. Companies have to discard the status quo and take a new, user-centric approach to how IT resources are provided and managed.