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The Cow and The Ditch: What To Do After A Data Breach
Posted by Conrad Smith on Oct 26, 2016

planning.jpgWhile the proper thing is to focus on avoiding data breaches and security incidents before they even happen, unfortunately they still do. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there have been nearly 800 data breaches over the course of the year so far with nearly 30 million records exposed. Many of these were the result of basic employee error, but some have been much more sophisticated. While you might not anticipate a breach, you should at least plan for one.

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Passwords. The Pros, The Cons, The Alternatives.
Posted by Conrad Smith on Oct 20, 2016

Password SecurityEnter your username and password. The format has been around for ages, and is so commonplace now that password fatigue is a real thing. The end result is that the same username and password combination -- maybe variations on the same theme because that seemed enough at the time -- are repeated and propagated across different sites and applications for years. The risk associated with sticking to that habit has grown immensely with the ever-increasing number of data breaches and now, more than ever, the approach to passwords has to change.

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Creating A Security Hygiene Checklist
Posted by Conrad Smith on Oct 18, 2016


In my previous post, I briefly mentioned the importance of having good security hygiene. But what does that really mean?

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Make Every Month National Cyber Security Awareness Month
Posted by Conrad Smith on Oct 12, 2016


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The Hidden Value of Exceptional Customer Service
Posted by Amanda Bretz on Oct 6, 2016

5-star_service.jpgInternational Customer Service Week marked an important opportunity for us to revisit what makes us a customer-driven organization. Our alignment comes primarily from each department focusing on their unique ability to positively impact our customers’ experience while using our identity platform. Our CRO has discussed how to build Customer Service into your company’s DNA, our proactive support has been called out as a top way to upgrade your CS and our CTO has offered insight on how to keep your customers in mind even as you code. Why? We strongly believe outstanding support not only adds value to our customers’ experience of using our product, but that it’s actually an integral part of our offering.

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It's the Opportunity End-of-Year Presents
Posted by Amanda Bretz on Sep 29, 2016


September 30th marks the end of the U.S. government’s fiscal year. No, it’s not a holiday or generally-recognized cause for celebration, but I’d like to offer an exciting twist: end-of-year is the perfect time to make sure you’re getting the most out of your cloud investment.

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Increasing Productivity for the Modern Workforce
Posted by Priya Ramamurthi on Sep 20, 2016

modern_workforce.jpgGone are the days when IT was responsible for only a small set of apps which employees had to use. Today’s modern workforce expects to have access to any cloud app that increases their productivity while having the flexibility to use it from any device or location. The longer IT teams take to come up with a solution to this changing workforce expectation, the greater the rise of Shadow IT, which poses a risk to security and compliance of company and customer data. With Bitium, IT not only empowers today’s workforce and increases productivity, it also enables organizations to meet their security and compliance needs.

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Spotify Wasn’t Hacked, But Is Password Reset Really The Solution?
Posted by Conrad Smith on Sep 7, 2016

Fix-Spotify-Problems.jpgLast week, Spotify announced that it was forcing users to reset their passwords. This wasn’t because of a data breach or hack like other companies have been facing. Rather, it was a proactive response to these external events.

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Bitium Drives Faster Adoption of Office 365
Posted by Priya Ramamurthi on Aug 31, 2016


When organizations start moving to the cloud, Office 365 is often the first app to be considered. Rolling out O365 can be complicated, which increases adoption time and resistance within the organization. With Bitium, organizations can easily configure WS Trust for O365 and connect through SAML for token-based authentication. Bitium reduces the friction of provisioning access, while extending existing security policies. For successful adoption, manage access to O365 with Bitium. 

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Simplify Your Life with a Crystal-Clear Cloud Strategy
Posted by Amanda Bretz on Aug 8, 2016

cloud_hand.pngThe pursuit of simplifying your life may lead you down many avenues, but where can you get the biggest return for your efforts? Well, if you’re looking for inspiration on the Bitium blog, we suggest clearly defining your business’ cloud strategy as a great way to reduce obstacles in your life.

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